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Spell Pimsleur

We do have people spelling it Pimsler, Pimslor, Pimslur and Pimslir. But these spellings are all wrong. The right way to spell Pimsleur is P-I-M-S-L-E-U-R. We all like to have our names spelled correctly and this is especially true for the internet.


Wordacle  v.

The following letters make up the name of a country. Can you guess which country? s t i a l u r a a I'll give you a clue: Its capital is Canberra, and its largest city is Sydney. Koalas and Kangaroos are native to this country. Are you ready for

IceCubes  v.

icecubes is a game having one yellow color box and some blue color boxes. when u click on any blue box,

T-RackS 3 Linear Phase EQ  v.1.0

The T-RackS 3 Linear Phase equalizer is a precision tool that allows for extremely detailed, clean and transparent tonal changes intervention on your audio material.

NBS Plant Breeding System  v.2 3

A. Using SQL database, powerful data storage management functions to ensure data maintenance and security. B. Collection TXT and photographs data Integrated management, see the TXT data at the same time to see the photographs C. Image recognition,

AccessChk  v.5.02

AccessChk is a small, but strong, security utility available for free from Sysinternals. It is a command line utility designed to allow administrators to see exactly what rights a particular group has to a specific resource.

Sloth  v.1.31

Sloth is a program that displays a list of all open files in use by all the applications your user account is running on the system -- this list includes IP and Unix sockets, character devices and directories.

Vox Machina  v.1.1

Vox Machina is a speech synthesizer program for Mac OS X.

PowerBlinken  v.1.0

PowerBlinken is a small and incredibly useless Mac OS X application that allows you to use your PowerBook or MacBook Pro as some sort of lightshow.

R-Mail for Outlook Express

R-Mail for Outlook Express is a tool designed to undelete accidentally deleted Outlook Express e-mail messages and recover damaged *.dbx files where Outlook Express stores folders with email messages. The messages are recovered in the .eml format and can


Rip your CD Audio tracks to mp3 or Wav directly on your hard disk. Convert Wav to mp3 Convert mp3 to wav Send CDDB request to get Artist, album, tracks titles Simple, fast and effective, K.R.A.C is a freeware with no Adware, no spyware !

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